Mirissa beach – One of the best beaches in Sri Lanka !

Southern Sri Lanka has its charm. Perfect sunny weather, extensive coconut cultivations, and refreshing beaches are graceful. Numerous local as well as foreign tourists arrive in the southern part of the country to breathe this air. Mirissa beach is one of their favorite places, and they cannot afford to miss it. The last couple of years have served as a benefit to Mirissa. It is developing quickly as a top bucket list tourist destination in Sri Lanka.

mirissa coconut tree hill
mirissa coconut tree hill

About Mirissa beach

Mirissa belongs to the Matara District of the Southern Province. The small town is about 150 km away from Colombo. Being the largest fishing port in the South, Mirissa is famous for tuna, mullet, snapper, and butterfish. Mirissa is popular among tourists as a whale-watching location in Sri Lanka.

How to travel to the location?

how to travel to the destination
how to travel to the mirissa

Mirissa is on the A2 Highway, bridging Colombo to Wellawaya. The Mirissa railway station is situated 2 km to the east of Mirissa. It is a vital station on the Coastal Rail Line that connects Colombo to Matara. You can select either from the bus, train, private transfer, or a flight.  


There are busses from Colombo and Tangalle to Mirissa. In addition, some busses start from Colombo and run to Matara. It is easy to take a tuk-tuk from there, and you will be at Mirissa. The bus ride is the most inexpensive, but it can be a bit tiring.  


The coastal train ride is exciting and popular among most travelers. The trains start from Colombo fort station to Weligama. It is only taking less than 10 minutes to reach Mirissa. Train tickets are super cost-effective and you can book the train ticket ahead for a comfortable journey.

Private transfer

Taxis are available between the destinations, but this is an expensive way. The rate depends on the distance but also your negotiation skills. 


The most expensive way. Koggala Airport is the closest to Mirissa. You can take a flight from Katunayake Bandaranaike international airport to Koggala. Then you have to travel from Koggala to Mirissa.

Things to do in Mirissa Beach

Whale watching

whale watching in mirissa
whale watching in mirissa

The southern coastal region is well known as a home for enormous sea life. Whale watching is one of the reasons for the exponentially increasing popularity of Mirissa. It is an ideal geographical position due to its narrowest continental shelf. It is exciting to see whales flocking together from the end of November to March. Some of the most frequently spotted whales are sperm whales, killer whales, Bryde whales, and short-finned whales. Luckily, you will have a glimpse of dolphins as well. But the beach is well known for the blue whale, the largest animal in the world. Most boats leave the beach at dawn to give you the best whale-watching experience. So it is to expect an early rise.

Surfing and snorkeling

surfing in mirissa
surfing in mirissa

If the crowded and busy environment of Weligama beach is tiring, do not hesitate to go to Mirissa. It is also an excellent location for surfers but less crowded and more relaxing. But you can expect pretty big waves in Mirissa. There are suitable spots for snorkeling enthusiasts as well.  

Sunbathing and relaxation

The beach gives a different vibe than other southern beaches. The somewhat laid-back atmosphere is perfect than the busy and noisy beaches. Other than surfing, most tourists visit Mirissa to have a relaxing vacation. Nice weather invites you to lay down on the beach and to enjoy the beach life. A pleasant walk in the evening and watching the sunset by the horizon is priceless.

Secret beach

secret beach
secret beach

The secret beach is not so secret to the public now. But the small beach is somewhat confined from the main road. So you have to ask a tuk-tuk driver to take you there. When the road gets narrowest, it is hard to go from a tuk-tuk. Just walk for about ten minutes. Compared to other parts of the beach, this is a more calm and quiet area. It has a perfect temper with a coconut drink.

Parrot rock

The towering rock is surrounded by water and a great place to capture the Mirissa area. But it is difficult to climb up there during the high tide.

Coconut tree hill

It is easy to find this location using Google Maps. The venue is a unique coconut farm on a hilltop, but to watch an alluring sunset.

If you feel like getting out, there are plenty of other locations to try. Mirissa beach is close to most other attractive places.

Weligama beach

weligama beach
weligama beach

Weligama beach is 15 minutes away from Mirissa and serves as the first surfing experience for most amateurs. The swirling waves and the sandy beach are a relief as one of the country’s best surfing spots; this place has massive tourist attention.

Sunbathing in Unawatuna

It is no secret that Unawatuna is the most famous beach as a tourist destination in Sri Lanka. The golden sand, dazzling blue of the sea, and surrounding farm trees give you the very essence of heaven.

Dutch fort

Tourists who visit Southern Sri Lanka never miss the historical Galle Fort, which was created by Dutch. After more than four centuries from its origin, the well-maintained fort is a perfect photograph. It is a place to both shop and explore, and your time will fly without even a hint.

There are several restaurants on the beach. At nightfall, there are tables and chairs arranged on the beach. Here starts the nightlife of Mirissa beach. Music and incredibly cheap but delicious seafood is a trademark in the area. You can try endemic dishes and a variety of seafood here. Sri Lankans have their own food culture and mixed food culture. Some of their popular dishes are inspired by Dutch, British, Indian, Chinese, and Italian cultures. So there are plenty of choices for you. Plan your journey between November to April so that you can enjoy most of these activities. sri-lankan.net

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