Dalawella Beach & Coconut Palm Tree Rope Swing

The role of social media in the last decade cannot be underestimated. They will rule our day-to-day life in the coming years, too. The trend does not seem to stop anytime soon. You know how most young people will see a photograph on social media to respond by taking the same photograph. Few Instagram posts or blogs can blow up a place, adding it to a must-visit bucket of tourists. There are several examples around the world.  Dalawella beach is one of the best, and the same phenomenal situation happened here too. There is an interesting story behind the increasing recognition of the beach. Recently the beach gained wide popularity due to the coconut palm tree rope swing.

About Dalawella beach

Dalawella beach is in Galle. It is a few minutes away from Unawatuna, and some find it to be a better place than Unawatuna. According to the locals, people also called it the Wijaya beach. Unlike the crowded beaches, Dalawella is ideal for a relaxing walk. Sea is primarily quiet and suitable for swimming. The best time to visit Dalwella is from January to April while avoiding the monsoon rain.

Dalawella Beach

Things to do in Dalawella beach

The highlight of the Dalawella beach

Coconut Palm Tree Rope Swing
Coconut Palm Tree Rope Swing

The iconic coconut palm tree rope swing is the highlight of the beach. The rope swing has been arranged by the beach bar owners just in front of the coconut tree. Do you have to pay for this unique experience and the golden photograph?

The answer is, “Yes”!

It is acceptable to pay about 500 LKR to capture the moment. According to most of the previous visitors, it is pretty worth it.

During the morning and the evening, the warm yet comforting beach gets busy with tourists. Many prefer to swing at the sunset. Although the beach gets busier, it is not a big deal. Most of the time, you have to wait in a queue and take your chance to swing. The beach bar close to the swing serves lovely food and drinks to enjoy your time.

The best time to visit do the swing

The swing is there every time. But if you are aiming for an astonishing photograph, the lighting is critical. The daybreak and the sunset will give you the perfect photograph. But do not just focus on the photo. What matters most is the exhilarating swing. During the evenings, the beach becomes crowded. Therefore, early mornings are most suitable for taking photographs and seeing the sunrise.

You may be wondering about activities other than the coconut palm tree rope swinging. Are we going there only for that photograph?

Not at all!

Frog rock

frog rock in dalawella beach
Frog Rock

Walking along the beach for ten minutes will take you to charming frog rock or the Wijaya Rock. The rock is at the beginning of the main Dalawella beach. The horizontally grown coconut tree makes it more remarkable. This is your chance to take another glamorous sun-setting picture. Once you climb the rock, you will have a glimpse of turtles swimming just below you.

There is more in Dalawella beach other than a photography mission. Unawatuna is the prime beach of Southern Sri Lanka to visit. But it is more outgoing. Dalawella beach is different and maintains a tranquil environment.

Swimming with turtles

The beach is ideal for swimming. You can have a memorable experience with sea turtles to be seen in the water. In the beginning, the sea is rough and deep, providing a home for turtles. Turtles swim right off the beach into the lagoon. Therefore, you do not have to snorkel while chasing them. If they are not swimming through the lagoon, renting a snorkel will give you a chance to see them.


The lagoon is close to the Wijaya rock. Of course, the shallow water is just up to the waist and crystal clear. When considering the outer reef, it acts as a protective barrier for solid waves. The left side of the lagoon is more suitable for swimming as the right side can have riptides. Sometimes the waves can be unpredictable and rough, so it is better to check it out by asking locals. Make sure to be careful to prevent sunburns in the hot afternoons.


Deck chairs are there to enjoy sunbathing. Do not forget to be careful of the high tide. During high tide, water can come near bars and restaurants. So better to keep your belongings away.

Restaurants and Bars

There are numerous restaurants on the beach to grab an ice-cold beer and delicious Sri Lankan dishes.

Accommodation facilities

There is a range of hotels and restaurants with superb foods around Dalawella beach. But the majority of famous restaurants are situated close to Unawatuna. 

There are great places to visit if you feel laid back from the tranquility of Dalawella beach. Since the sun can be too harsh in the afternoons, be prepared with some sun protection. Once you enjoy the gorgeous Dalawella beach, you can go out to closer locations at the country’s southern coast. Hikkaduwa, Weligama, Galle, and Mirissa also deserve their reputation.

How to travel to the beach?

Travel to unawatuna from colombo

There are no available tours to take you to Dalawella beach. If you start the journey in Colombo, you can take the train to Unawatuna or Mirissa. It takes about 2 hours and is an inexpensive way to travel. The beach is about 3 km away from Unawatuna. From there, you have to take a tuk-tuk to get here. It will cost about 400 LKR. The swing is in front of a guest house called Dream Cabana.

Sri Lanka is blessed with miles after mile dazzling blue and golden sandy beaches. The vastly popular beaches include Unawatuna, Nilaweli, Arugam Bay, etc. But, some underutilized and confined locations can become instant hotspots due to social media impact. So, it is good that the same thing happened to Dalawella beach with the coconut palm tree rope swing. Even if you are not interested in that in-demand photograph, this beach is more than worth paying a visit.

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