Weligama Beach & Rising Tourist Attention

Sri Lanka is the pearl of the Indian Ocean and blessed with glamorous beaches. Weligama beach is a beautiful corner in the southern end of the country. Weligama, literally meaning the Sandy village, is situated in Matara District. The beach is very popular as a perky fishing settlement location. It is one of the best surfing places in Sri Lanka. Recently the beach has gained lots of tourist attention.

weligama beach
weligama beach view

About Weligama beach

Weligama beach perfectly lives up to its name. The sandy beach is about 2 km long and lies flawlessly. But the beach is a bit confined from the main road. Although the coastal road is a little stuffy, the sandy beach is comforting. Other than the beach area, coconut and rubber plantations surround the small village. But the specialty is, the town is still uncrowded. So, the natural beauty of the area is almost untouched. 

Things to do in Weligama beach

surfing weligama beach

Catch your first wave! 

Weligama beach is an excellent place for beginner surfers. You can catch your very first wave and learn to surf. The soft waves help to have a smooth start. Weligama beach acts as the starting place for most independent travelers as well.

Diving and Snorkeling in Weligama 

You will find the place perfect for snorkeling. The shallow reefs and rock formations are home to numerous water creatures. Prince Heinrich Patch, Bridge Rock, and Yala Rock are the best places for diving.

Whale and dolphin watching

Mirissa is an ideal place in Sri Lanka to watch whales and dolphins. They seem to flock together in this area. Southern beaches are famous for maintaining an optimal temperature for their breeding. So it is common for them to swim across this area when the ocean is calm and quiet. Starting from November to April is most suitable for whale watching. 

Historically important places in Weligama

Village and Kushta raja gala

Weligama village holds an important place as it is the hometown of distinguished Buddhist priest Weligama Sri Sumangala Thero. There is this famous statue known as the Kushta raja gala. The statue that has not been identified up to date is the subject of exciting folk stories. Some believe it as the statue of leper king where others believe it is as the Mahayana Bodhisattva.

Taprobane Island 

Taprobane Island is a highlight of the area. The island is believed to own by the exiled French Count de Mauny, who came in 1920. Many believe that he built a villa at the place. But the current owner of the villa is an Australian businessman by the name of Geoffrey Dobbs. The villa consists of five suites and also an infinity swimming pool. This swimming pool captivates tourists’ attention due to its tropical beauty. 

Dutch star fort

The classic six-pointed star-shaped fort is the creation of the Dutch, who took control of Matara in 1763 A.D. Later the fort was taken by the British in 1796. The Archaeological Department declared the Star Fort as an Archaeological Reserve In 1980. Now it is living proof of 18th century Dutch architecture and treats it as a cultural and historical representation. Tourists who visit Weligama beach never miss this location and are captivated by the fort.

Other highlights 

Fishing town and stilt fisherman

stilt fishing sri lanka
stilt fishing

There is a huge amount of places you can visit and enjoy!

The Weligama beach is especially famous for its stilt fishermen. Not to mention, Weligama is a picturesque fishing town. Some fishermen gathered at the beach at dawn and dusk. They perched on their vertical poles with crossbars and captured small fishes using their fishing rods. The golden scenery is an amusement for foreigners. At the same time, never miss the boat ride along the bay.

Snake farm

The snake conservation center is just 12 km north of Mirissa. An excellent place to observe both venomous and non-venomous snakes under the necessary protection and supervision of the crew.

Dondra Lighthouse

Dondra or the DeviNuwara lighthouse is the tallest in the country and one of the tallest in South Asia. The 49 meters high and picturesque lighthouse is located at the southernmost point of Sri Lanka. 

Turtle watch Rekawa

Rekawa is very close to Weligama and a place to watch sea turtles. 

Basically, there are seven marine turtle species in the world. 

This small island is home to five species of them. 

Amazing, huh!

Rekawa turtle watch aims to conserve these species and to attract tourist attention with no harm.

How to travel to the location?

travel to weligama beach
how to travel ..

There are various modes and routes to reach Weligama beach from Colombo. You can travel to Weligama via private or public transport. Easiest and the most effective way is to take a taxi or to drive from Colombo to Weligama. Now the journey is facilitated by the Southern express. You can start the ride from Colombo to Matara and then go to Weligama, which takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The bus ride starts from Colombo Bastian Mawatha bus terminal to Matara. The ride will take roughly 5 hours and 10 minutes. You can catch a taxi from Matara to Weligama, which takes only about 20 minutes.

Tourists also prefer to take a train journey from Colombo Fort to Matara, which takes about 2 hours. The train leaves the Colombo fort station and arrives at Matara. It is an excellent way to explore the country’s southern coastal region. At the same time, it is super inexpensive. You can select to fly to Weligama. But there are no direct flights to Weligama from Colombo. Still, you can fly to the nearest domestic airport, the Koggala Water Aerodrome.

Wrapping up…

Weligama beach is an excellent place to enjoy the tropical seaside of Sri Lanka. There are lots of attractive things you can experience in this southern end of the country. Despite the water activities, it is a perfect place to relax and juvenile your body and mind. Incredibly cheap but fantastic seafood and excellent accommodations are abundant in the area. Waking up to the endless sound of swirling waves, the smell of sea air, and refreshing dawn is a perfect vacation.

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